155 Unit STT

Been a while again…regretfully

I was traveling over the holidays. Ended up buying a piece of land for a cottage and a new Model X Tesla P100D. Then to top it off, I then flew to Bahamas to compete in a few poker tournaments including the Stars main event championship.

Poker went pretty awesome. I got a 1st place finish and a 62nd in the main event only to be busted out when I had AA vs Ryan Riess’s AK. I was a 93% favorite after I 4bet shoved but he caught 2 kings on the flop and I was eliminated. Bad beat. But I walked away with about 15k for my efforts.

I can tell you despite the good results, it didn’t feel that great. My chip stack was healthy as was the villain (Ryan Riess). I was a huge favorite and I am confident that with my style of play, I’d have made the final table with that win. As well, when he called my 4bet shove with AK, we had to wait several minutes as the photographers, tv crews and some writers came over to analyse the hand. So I was sitting there, super excited, knowing I was a 93% favorite ..basically already counting my chips and smelling the final table only to have KK flop. Brutal.

I might have to add in a section on this blog for poker as I am now back at it and will be playing the circuit. Next stop WPT on Feb 9th in Montreal.

Here were some of the highlights:

In the trading world, I have moved over to doing a good % of my trading portfolio in the STT(Space Trip Trade) and BSH (Black Swan Hedge) trade combo. I got a big one on for May right now—>155 Units!

I am excited about the trade and it should be fun and interesting. I was satisfied with the back-testing and I think the trade will be my main staple trade along with a 30% combination of the ATM trades (Rhinos). I closed off most of the Feb Rhinos and have only some March and April. I’ll enter the Rhino trades opportunistically when pricing is good and use them as a hedge to to the mid 5-10% downside moves.

I’ll get a post up analyzing my current STT trade shortly. I have a few more debit spreads to add and it’ll be complete.

5 thoughts on “155 Unit STT”

  1. 155 tranches? each one is 6:10 debit to credit spread. that is 32 contracts per tranche. so for your size it is 5000 contracts you are controlling. awesome.

    add 80 BSH. that is quite some size you are doing.

  2. First off, I’m stealing that photo on the bottom left of screen – it’s hilarious. Second, what an amazing blog you have! I can’t wait to read thru it. It’ll be my motivation. Trading, travelling, and poker?! I mean you must’ve been a saint in your past life.

    Is the Space Trip Trade your own or part of CD? I happened to land on their page a few weeks ago and have become obsessed with the RTT, have already applied my own money about 3 days into it and looking at their other strategies. I may consider signing up for their alerts.

    Been messing around with my own blog to basically hold myself accountable and keep a trading journal. I’ll post link below.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the compliment!

      The trade was created by Ron Bertino (trading dominion). If you are obsessed by RTT. You will love this trade. Can’t give it or Rons community more praise

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