Aug 13 – Back in Action

It was a rough go the past 2 weeks with more sporadic travel, driving and hotel stays. This put me in a constant catch up mode with both work and the market and I had little time to update the blog.  I should will be back to regular posts and updates from here on in, probably every day.

We’re now finished the “road trip” part of the “sabbatical” and are in London, UK where we will trade in our Tesla for an american version for use in the Cayman. Tesla HQ is accommodating me in this respect and I’ll end up with a new P85D (a 3s 0-60 car) for not a whole lot more when considering the differences in the price of the Tesla in UK vs USA. It all worked out.

The market was nuts yesterday. That was a tough tough go but I am confident and proud in how it was handled. The market fell 1.6% only to rebound into the green for a 3% round trip in one single day all the while the entire market has moved 5% in the entire year!  Not an easy environment for a theta based market neutral group of strategies. In fact, it was or should have been one of the toughest days a trade like that could experience.

For the M3s I added 1170 butterflies to hedge the downside and on the bounce (around RUT 1195 – an area I expected the bounce to stall) I took off some 1230s. Of course, the market did something I haven’t seen and the SPY ended up closing green on a <1.5% red day and the RUT just slightly red sitting around 1210 after touching the 1180s. Ah well, my entire account balance didn’t move to much by the end of the day (down maybe 0.5%) but the adjustments surely cost me. The size and intensity of the adjustments were nominal and probably the best case we could have expected if a rebound this size should have occurred. Can’t help but wish you were psychic and could have waited 🙂 With a fall that intense, you have to manage your risk and it is what it is.

The AUG MICs were mostly closed on Monday (thankfully). Some straggling parts to close out today. Will post the results soon. All positive.

The SEP MICs had debit spreads and bearish butterflies added to them on the down move yesterday and are probably around break even so far for the month.

Come Sept 1, I’ll start posting all my trades and adjustments as they occur.


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