May 14 (Update 2) – STT, Long term base portfolio and travel plans

Yesterday at about 2803 I was able to sell puts for my factory and in one single day I am now able to form a BSH for profit (free + some). I got 30 units (90 short puts) on within 8 hours. Epic.

I also started the equities portion of my long term portfolio as my base (I did a combo from allocate smartly that has a historical of 10.4% annual with a max draw down of about 6.1%). Good base portfolio. Today I got the treasuries/bonds portion on 🙂 good timing. I will now let that run itself without messing about. I had it on at 2940 area but didn’t like the timing re the heavy portion in SPY so I closed it at the highs 2949 and now just re-opened. It was more like a mulligan, my plan isn’t to mess about with it and I won’t from here on in.

YTD is now 15% (3.35% a month) and that’s on actual total equity. Nice!

I am going away for my next portion of the summer/spring vacations. I’ll be starting in Montreal for the party millions event and I’ll make my way to Ottawa to meet with my programmers in development office and then take in the Iliza show (for my wife). After that it’s on to Toronto to check out the start of my new house build there and then make my way to Moab for a glamping style wedding and after that…. Vegas for the WSOP!

In preparation, I’ve closed off most of my older STTs, cleaned up the account and prepped ONE. I have on some Aug, Sep and Oct with margin available for another 100 or so units if we get another vol spike/decline. The Aug is acting as a hedge to Sep and Oct but also has the most theta of all three months. October is now profitable (+11k) as predicted it would be by end of week.

4 thoughts on “May 14 (Update 2) – STT, Long term base portfolio and travel plans”

  1. Nice progress. I have been following your blog from almost 2 years now and there is lot to learn. Thanks for posting.

    I am also member in PMTT . Are your STT-BWB regular variants or 486.

    Also what would be your advise for somebody like me to build medium account with SPAN margin (/ES) to something needed for PM. There are some challenges for building small account size like say for example 20 K, but what motivates me is to hear possible CAGR from you. I know I cannot replicate what you are doing as it takes experience and also right timing in the market, but it looks like 20 to 30% yearly return is achievable.

    I want to stick to basics as you have mentioned in your posts. Any input is appreciated.


  2. I use STT-BWB regular. Not a huge fan of the 486 but I could be ignorant in saying that.

    SPAN/ES is hard unless you have a seat re fee reduction and you’re working with a broker like EDF. It’s not hard to get but it does cost a lot per year. You’d probably want to trade a min of 200k in ES in that way. Else the fees are so high at something like IB. Doable but it’s a big expense. I’d probably shy away from doing that.

    Definitely challenging with 20k as you wouldn’t get portfolio margin to do it in SPX. Could trade some reg t ATM trades Locke style to boost the bankroll up but that comes with its own risks and nuances.

  3. I just started using Allocate Smartly for a base portfolio but most of all my trading/results are from non-directional options strategies.

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