Apr 4 Trade Plan

Yesterday during that little fall to 2869 and the subsequent small vix spike of about 4%, I got on some upside adjustments (bullish BWBs) to get my negative deltas down. I should be good for another 2-3 weeks re adjustments for the upside 🙂 Everything is pretty much balanced and neutral. I have good modeled theta for the month. 30 days should result in a 5-6% increase in profit. I am pretty much fully capitalized with my PC matching my balance. Good timing for the upcoming trip. As time goes further, I’ll look to harvest and I’ll also add 10-20% more STTs if we get a big spike in VIX. Else, it’s just collecting theta time.

4 thoughts on “Apr 4 Trade Plan”

  1. Hi T&T,

    Wondering if we might be able to connect by email to chat about trading. I’m hoping to pick your brain about your experiences using IB’s trade desk to get a 2-way price on large orders of multi-leg trades.



  2. I was wondering why you abandoned the Fulcrum trade and thought it was a “game changer” at one time ? Thanks

  3. I was wondering why you stopped using the Fulcrum trades as you had mentioned they were “Game Changers” ?

    1. I still like them but for portfolio level trading I just haven’t had time to fully analyze them again. I had done a bunch but the cross-expiration nature of them made me want to further investigate while shelving them. I am actively studying the T5 again and Fulcrum is next. I moved back to a much more stabler portfolio wide type trade and am only going now to relook at these more “pro gambling” type trades.

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