Results from PC3

Here was the backtest results for the PC3 original adaption which sold a static amount/value of NPs at a delta regardless of actual cost of BSH. It of course did well in up years (and handled Aug 24 well) but during Sep 2014 it did poorly (The only negative month). Adjusting this to just enough NPs to cover cost of BSH was also backtested but I don’t have the results on this computer. It did better during markets like 2014 Sep/Oct.

Just look at those results.

I managed the STT separately once launched. I’d do the standard adjustments which are – rolling if close to structure, adding ICs to flatten deltas in down moves, adding PDS alone, or adding in PCS (harvesting as well) on big up moves against profit bubble.

3 thoughts on “Results from PC3”

  1. Those results are pretty amazing! Is the PC3 a ratio of 1 STT to 3 BSHs (which are financed by NPs)?

    Do you plan on allocating any of your portfolio to this setup?

    I just finished up the STT portion of the training and am starting the BSH section. It is excellent info thus far!

    1. I am doing a very deep backtest of the pc2 and pc3 combos w/ just enough NP to cover the cost of the bsh. I am also testing a variant w/ RCs that a member of the group came up with. It should be comprehensive and conclusive of which combo I’ll go with. I’ll combine with the TTT(555) and shoood be off to the races after a fairly slow year

      This particular backtest was a pc3 but with heavier selling of the NP (an NP at $10/11)

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