Jul 14 – STT and BSH update

During the last few days, I took off a lot of my PCS for my Sept trades (2100/2000s 2125/2175s) and need to get on some PCS higher up (smaller quantity). I was hoping for a small pullback but I kinda have to get some on or else my theta and delta will be hurting. I was going to give it over the weekend (Monday) max but I am a bit uncomfortable with that. This market is at 9.9 VIX and doesn’t seem like it wants to stop going up, however, it’s at/testing ATH and usually some pull back should occur..when I am conflicted I usually do half the units now and half later..maybe that’s what I’ll do.

December and october trades are all doing well. Oddly, BSHs are expensive right now (the way OTM options are holding their values) despite VIX being low. As well, I am trying to complete my BSH factory by buying some puts but they are holding their value too.

I also removed my first round of VM (Golden Arches) trade for a profit (480 a unit). The second round went negative pretty quickly but are starting to recover now.

2 thoughts on “Jul 14 – STT and BSH update”

  1. Just curious how you made out with the Golden Arches trades, the risk graph on those looks very enticing. I never traded it but it looks like a all in one type trade with a very limited and manageable downside.

    1. Oh wow, that’s old 🙂 I almost forgot what it was. I haven’t delved back into anything else. I am mostly just trading STT+BSH and researching T5. That’s about it. T5 is a variant that was bourne from the GA trade as far as I remember. Those trades are time trades and the T+0 lines are not realistic

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