Apr 25 – Rhino M3 Trade update

Today provided some refuge and an opportunity to get my trades adjusted. The RUT closed at 1146 on Friday and even touched 1148 with after hours action (using IWM as a proxy). In a previous post, I thought RUT would stall out and short term top at about 1140/1150 area and so far that’s what’s playing out. There’s a ton of resistance and supply at the 1150 area so my gut was saying that we’ll hit 1110 after a test and fail at 1150 but with the FED meetings and AAPL earnings tomorrow, anything really could happen. After the action today, I am not convinced we’ll be going much lower than 1125 before a retest of the 1150 resistance area. If we fail on a retest of 1150 then maybe we’ll go down towards 1110 at minimum but I think we probably do retest 1150 before any significant move down. The market has moved so much in 2 months but it’s been consolidating and sort of reset itself re overbought conditions. In short, I have no idea where this will go and any direction is not a surprise.

Everyone’s expecting AAPL to report dismally and that could cause a sell-off but any surprise could catapult it further. and then there is the FED, well, before they can rate hike, they have to telegraph the intentions, they usually always do. There’s been no telegraphing so perhaps this is where they’ll telegraph utilizing the recent market strength as a buffer? Perhaps it’s more jaw-boning. How can we predict anything in the next few days? We can’t. I can’t say that there is an edge one way or the other. All I can do is manage risk appropriately.

On Friday, I had removed some upside hedges right at EOD on Friday (great timing) and then re-added them around 1137/1138 today. Bonus. Anyways, as for market action, the RUT fell to 1135 where I did some adjustments to the trades and got them a bit more desensitized to an up move. Not perfectly of course, as there are always trade offs, and any up move won’t really generate any profit but they’ll allow it to occur with out as much pain as before. The idea being that a pull-back will occur after a brief move-up sometime in the next 20-30 days. What we really need is a nice juicy fall into the 1100-1110 area.

I want to add in some 1150/1110/1060 BWBs into each of the trades below to raise that T+0 line in the middle (the dip) and add theta to the trade. I’ll do this if we move up in towards the fed. It’ll add negative deltas so I’ll offset it with some call calendars or BWBs. Get that thing beefed up so that in 2 weeks anything between 1020 and 1170 will be profitable.

Here’s the June trades

June Rhino M3 (P)
# of Units: 30
Planned Capital: 750,000
Current P/L : -11,706
Yesterdays P/L: -16,425
Current P/L(%): -1.56%

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.52.53 PM

June Rhino M3 (D)
# of Units: 16
Planned Capital: 400,000
Current P/L: -6,762
Yesterdays P/L: -9,643
Current P/L(%): -1.69%

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.51.52 PM

June Rhino M3 (M)
# of Units: 25
Planned Capital: 625,000
Current P/L: -12,139
Yesterday’s P/L: -16,206
Current P/L(%): -1.9%

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.51.28 PM

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