Travels: San Diego

The first leg on the trip was San Diego but it wasn’t easy to get there. We went to our flight at about 3pm only to find out that there was a massive storm in Houston that grounded all flights. They told us we’d be delayed by 4-5 hours. Cool enough, we went home only to find out at about 10pm that the flight was canceled until the next morning. The thing was, we had a connection in the AM and the system wasn’t seeing that we’d miss it (we landed at 10am but the connecting flight departed at the same time….10am). Suffice to say, they barely sorted on the phone and we had to take separate flights (Ash with 1 and myself with 2) but with an 11 hour stop over! When we got there. it was chaotic but we were able to get on an earlier flight altogeher and also got a 450 dollar credit. Not bad.

We arrived in San Diego at 7pm and all was good!

This ended up being a cool shot of us in old town San Diego. A touristy little area.

Thought this was a cool building. Supreme Court as far as I can remember.

Candid shot of our walk downtown

Emma and I doing a selfie

Center of San Diego

Candid Isla shot on the “weeee” as she calls it

Down by the harbour

Epic bar, I think it’s the oldest one in San Diego. That’s a bunch of beer taps above.

Drinking some beers

Famous vegan restaurant in San Diego. Cool design inside. Was supposed to be a metal music vibe

Delicious vegan sandwich

Some more delic. Vegan food

K-Bomb being silly

A joey is in the pouch

Emma posing near the flamingos (did you know they eat shrimp to get their color?)

Safari (Ethical and not a zoo). Super cool shot.

Safari (Ethical and not a zoo). Super cool shot.

On our way to LA!

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