Trade Update Apr 6 (3 STD down move)

Here’s the trade combo after today’s big fall

Update: took off about 125 broken condors during the fall that helped raise the UEL and lower vega (75 wide removal of PDS and 150 wide removal of PCS). Less overall risk, but less theta as well. More and more contracts being taken off as the weeks go on.

End of day position:

3 thoughts on “Trade Update Apr 6 (3 STD down move)”

    1. Hey Jerry, Long time! How are you doing in these markets? Vol has returned..It’s what we all wanted but now that it’s here its taking some adjusting eh?

      1. I’m doing good! I love this trading environment , but it has taken some adjusting compared to 2017. I’m wondering why you would bother with the M3 trade when this trade looks great

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